MaxxElite Bottle Warmer

I’ve been seriously hunting down baby products left and right because my sister is expecting her first child very soon. My youngest is 4 years old now, so this was like a new venture into the baby world for me. Products have revolutionized in the past four years. They have so many amazing and new techy products for parents now. I had the opportunity to receive and test this Maxx Elite Bottle Warmer. I have used a bottle warmer before, but they were just brand new on the market and honestly didn’t really work so great. So I was doubtful. This product completely blew away my expectations. You plug it in to any general outlet, which is nice because anywhere there is a plug, you can heat up a bottle. The other great thing about this product is it’s not just for bottles. It also comes with a piece that you sit down inside of the warmer, and you can warm breast milk, and baby food in it. You can also heat up glass jarred baby food. So this product is really an incredibly versatile product and I think it would absolutely be a must have for new mom’s on the go! the one thing that I would change if I could revamp the product is make it have the ability to be powered via a USB cable, then you could even use the product in the car which would amazing. I really enjoyed using this product and getting to tinker around with it. I hope you enjoyed my Ramble and be sure to check out the product here! ❤ Ana


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