Amazing Handbags!

Are you a handbag lover? Most of us women are. I have had the pleasure of trying some amazing bags from the makers Rimen & Co. They have amazing quality purses, in a huge variety of sizes and color options, at incredibly reasonable prices! These bags are amazing, I loved the variety of textures, colors, and that they come in sizes as small as clutches, to large oversized totes! They are every purse lovers dream! Each purse is made incredibly well, and I have had the pleasure of receiving many different styles, each one even more amazing than the last! If you are a purse fanatic I would definitely recommend giving their storefront a look- you can find it here. You can also check out their facebook page, located here, for deep discounts and sales! I hope you enjoy these amazing handbags as much as I have!




Singing bowl!

Looking for a great way to beat the stress of life? A way to center and find your calm? Then you definitely need to check out the singing bowl by Geshes Dharma. The bowl is beautiful and features many intricate and eye catching designs. It comes with a protective cloth piece to set the bowl on to protect both in and out of use. The bowl is pretty easy to make “sing”. Once you have practiced a few times it’s fairly simple to get the hang of it. You simply tap the top of the bowl, and then run the wood gong around the gold rim of the bowl, it produces a wonderful and soothing sound. I would definitely give these a chance if you are looking for something to use while meditating or practicing yoga.  Check them out on amazon today!

Booming little speaker!

I really liked this speaker. The size is compact and can easily be taken on the go with you. I can fit it in my purse, travel bag, diaper bag, virtually anywhere I want to take it with me. It’s very easy to pair with all of my devices and connected easily the first try. The sound quality was good, there was no static or interference in the sound. The speaker gets quite loud for as small as it is. I can easily hear it while in other rooms in my house. I think its a great speaker, I love being able to take it outside with me while gardening or doing other activities outside. Check them out on amazon here!


Snug Baby Monitor

This baby monitor is absolutely the coolest product I have used. I used to have the old fashioned have to be plugged in, sounds all static, baby monitors. These are life changing. You set up the monitor, which is really easy to do, download the app to your phone and you can watch baby while they are in their crib. It does come with a mount so you can mount it on the wall as well. You can set the monitor on infrared so you can see even in the dark as well. I really love that the app sets off a notification when there are noises. This is pretty much the coolest baby monitor out there and I was totally impressed with the quality. The picture is really clear. Go check them out on amazon here!